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Click on the links to open a printable copy of order forms to include with your order. Every order must have an order form and a customer information sheet!

If you are trying to check your order status or having processing questions please email Karen Vigil at morawools@gmail.com.

Please note that calling to our gallery will not always have a mill staff member available to speak to. Our gallery and mill have different hours and our gallery is open seven days a week in the summer and 6 days a week in the winter.

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Additional forms need to be included with each lot.

|  Card Sliver and Roving Order Form

| Wash Only Order Form

| Spun Yarn Order Form

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Premium-Quality Custom Yarn. Spun from Your Fiber!!!


What makes us unique!!!

Mora Valley Wool Mill offer versatile custom spinning options:

-From super-fine to bulky weight yarn, at your specification.
-A spinning system designed for longer fibers. (3″-9″)
-Scrupulous attention to cleanliness in processing.

Advantages of Mora Valley Spinning Mill!



Our semi-worsted system equipment is designed to handle long fibers (from 2 to 9 inches).Semi-worsted yarns enhance the natural luster and character of the fiber, and are strong, long-lasting, and resistant to pilling. Our yarns have a smooth-not a fuzzy-surface. Our semi-worsted equipment also enables us to create a yarn with a higher percentage of your exotic fibers than a woolen mill-100% in most cases.

Added Value

Millspun yarn from good quality fiber is many times more valuable than the raw wool. Investing in further processing of your carefully-bred and managed fiber might be a profitable decision.


Yarn spun by Mora Valley Spinning Mill is distinctively your own. Its quality makes it suitable for any number of high-quality garments, rugs, blankets, or art weavings. You may choose to have unique designs spun which may be branded and marketed as your own flock’s or region’s product.

**To learn more about our custom spinning using your yarn, as well as pricing, click on the link below.

Custom Spinning from Your Yarn Information Sheet