Mill Products for Sale

The Mora Valley Spinning Mill and Tapetes de Lana are excited to offer our mill-spun natural fiber yarns, battings, rovings, and clean fleece.  We take a special interest in spinning yarns from heritage breeds of sheep, as each breed has qualities specific to its fiber that create yarn and roving with different characteristics to serve different purposes.  We offer knitting yarns, weaving yarns (for both warp and weft), and all things in between. Here is a list and price sheet (not including factory direct discount):

100% Churro See churro yarn page
Custom Spins
100% Alapaca Yarn – in variety of Weights

Alpaca/ Wool Blends – in a variety of weights

100% Wool – in a variety of Weights

100% Mohair – in a single blanket weight

Mohair Blends- in a variety if weights

Prices Vary – Please call or email for info
Knitter’s Delight  
Consists of -1/3 Huacaya Alpaca -1/3 Suri Alpaca and -1/3 Wool Hand Dyed 4oz – prices Vary Natural 4oz – prices vary
Dona Tule  
Consists of -1/3 Alpaca -1/3 Lincoln -1/3 Merino Prices vary 
100% Merino: Thick and Thin  
  Prices vary
100% CVM  
A plush, somewhat bulky 2-plyMystery Yarn – Our Mystery yarn is great for feltingIt comes in Bulky, Worsted, and Heavy Worsted


2-ply Natural and Hand Dyed 4oz 

Fleece in Stock: We always have fleece in stock, the breeds and amounts vary by month, year, etc. Please call for Information

Battings in Stock – A variety of battings are also available, please call for information.

Rovings and Top in Stock: Our in stock rovings vary as well,


For Roving samples send inquiry including mailing address to


For in-stock colors, please request a color card by emailing us at

We also buy fiber, if you have fiber to sell please call or email.

Spin for trade: Do you gave fiber and can’t afford processing? We have a spin for trade program, for program eligibility and information please call or email.